The Purpose

My Scleroderma Journey

Somewhere in all the information I received from Northwestern University’s HSCT program I read that it is a good idea to keep a journal or a weblog of your life with scleroderma.  First, because the medical side of this during the time leading up to diagnosis and afterwards is overwhelming.  It is recommended to keep track of what I experienced, how I felt, and what treatments worked and how well before it becomes blurred in the past.  The information could prove critical in the future.  Second, because I am part of a clinical trial and they on occasion appreciate patient journals to provide information for their work.  Yet another reason is that over the past year I’ve not been able to see many of my friends and I don’t want to lose touch.  This blog and Facebook gives me a way to let everyone know I’m still here and what’s happening with me.  And I will be back…

A Conservative Worldview

For the past decade or so, the political narratives on both the conservative and liberal sides have been fixed.  The details and issues have clearly been many, but the attacks and responses were, if nothing else, predictable.  As the 2016 election got closer the rhetoric got worse and the country more divided than anytime in recent history.  Then on November 8, 2016 the old narratives collapsed.  The conservative political wave that began with the 2010 mid-term elections and gathered momentum in the elections of 2012 and 2014 finally came to fruition in 2016.  And by no means do I consider President-elect Trump a conservative’s conservative.  He does though, embody far more conservative principles and ideals than does his vanquished opponent.  And he gives voice to those conservatives that were previously denounced as Deplorables, a title we adopted and now wear somewhat proudly.  The narratives have changed and it is now important for conservatives to speak up and state their case.  Liberal dogma, for the most part, has not changed.  They still wish to brand us as bible thumping, gun toting, ignorant racist bigots whenever they can to shut down the conservative voice with labels.  Those tried and true liberal methods to shutting off debate no longer work.  I have always felt that whenever I was in a political discussion, no matter how heated, when the opposition ceased to argue the issue and began to attack the person by labeling me as (take your choice) ignorant, racist, etc. that I had won the point.  It remains our responsibility as conservatives to make our message clear and advance the conservative agenda through education and rational discussion.  My occasional posts in this category are intended to do my small part.